These posts are all related to the ActionScript language

March 13, 2008

Random Seeds - Ordering Disorder

Randomness is great, that's a fact, it's very useful in many areas of programming, and is especially good to build non-repetitive games. However in some cases, it's useful to be able to reproduce...


December 21, 2007

AS3 and the Display List, addChildAt magic.

ActionScript 3 introduced the Display List, which is the new version of the old depth system that AS1/2 had, and the Display Objects, which replace the MovieClip, but extending the idea a lot since...


December 16, 2007

Heat maps drawing in Flash

Someone was looking for help to draw Heat Maps in Flash this afternoon on #flash and as I found the matter interesting I gave it a shot. I managed to do it by drawing grey circles with 1-5%...


November 30, 2007

ActionScript 3 Language file for GeSHi

As I wanted to post AS3 code with syntax coloring, I researched it a bit and found GeSHi, a PHP syntax highlighter, for which you can create language files quite easily. There is currently no AS3...


November 27, 2007

Throwing errors before a super() statement

Lately I was building a class which takes XML as it's configuration, reads part of it and then calls super() with some parameters. However I wanted to throw an error if the XML did not contain valid...