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AS3 for GeSHi


AS3 for GeSHi

ActionScript 3 Language file for GeSHi, the PHP source highlighter.

This file is made for GeSHi and it is a PHP class although it is posted in the AS3 section. It allows you to highlight AS3 code with default syntax coloring taken from FlexBuilder2.

I scraped the flex2.01 documentation to find all keywords for the flash.* classes, methods, packages and properties and all the top level ones as well.

Some other keywords have been added by hand as it was not possible to find everything in the documentation, so I might have missed some exceptions. If you find one please let me know so I can add it, but don't request the mx.* packages as I think people relying on these a lot are mostly using MXML and I didn't want to bloat this -already huge- file too much.


Last updated on : 06/12/2007, Posted in ActionScript 3