April 23, 2011

I'm going nomad - introducing Nelmio

After almost three years working at Liip, I have finally decided to take the plunge and start my own business. Together with Pierre Spring, in early May we will start building up Nelmio. Why? To...


April 13, 2011

Terminal (Bash) arguments tricks

Reading David DeSandro's last post on how to store strings in variables in terminal, or any bash-y shell (I'd say any unix shell but I'm sure there is a weird one out there that does things...


December 31, 2010

Speaking at ConFoo 2011

I recently had the pleasure to hear that I would be speaking at the ConFoo conference. This is a great opportunity for me as I'll finally be able to meet a few US-based guys from the PHP community...


December 15, 2010

Speaking at Symfony Live 2011

I have the pleasure to announce that I will be speaking at the upcoming Symfony Live conference (Paris edition). I've been working with and on Symfony2 for a few months already, both in my spare...


December 9, 2010

ESI - Full page caching with Symfony2

Launched about a month ago, techup.ch runs on the Symfony2 PHP framework, which is still undergoing heavy development but is already a great framework. Don't get me wrong, the framework is fast,...


October 7, 2010

Speaking at the IPC and WebTechCon

Next week the International PHP Conference and the WebTechCon will happen both in Mainz, Germany. I will speak at both events over the three days and the good news is that the combined 100 sessions...


September 29, 2010

Symfony2 Presentation

Last weekend at the PHP Unconference in Hamburg I gave a talk showing an overview of the Symfony2 framework. The allowed 45min were way too short to say everything I wanted to say and I didn't really...


September 23, 2010

PHP Console in Your Browser

So-called interactive modes for scripting languages are commonly used in the command line, and they are great for quick tests, but most of the time when I try something it tends to grow and quickly...


September 22, 2010

Switching on my WLAN with my phone

It all started when my router began to crash every few days. All my connections would drop, and misery ensued. I disabled WLAN/Wi-Fi and it stopped crashing, so I was happy. But then my laptop's...


June 3, 2010

Introducing Slippy - HTML Presentations

Slippy is a HTML Presentation library written with jQuery, it takes a html file in and plays it in any browser. It is optimal for programming-related talks since it includes a syntax highlighter and...