Composer hosting improvements

Over the last two weekends I proceeded to upgrade the infrastructure behind and There is now a lot more bandwidth and the DNS hosting was also migrated to DNSMadeEasy which should make it more stable on that front.

All in all this should result in faster composer updates which is great! I also took the chance to do a few upgrades on the config, which now includes the latest PHP/nginx versions as well as OCSP stapling directives. While looking at logs I also noticed the composer installer was not using gzip compression so I fixed that and now installing composer itself should be a bit faster too if you have the zip extension enabled.

While the whole change happened without packagist downtime, there were a few minor issues early last week with the composer homepage. Today I had to re-enable http (i.e. no-TLS) access to as people are still relying on accessing it without the openssl extension. This is not great but the travis 5.3.3 builds are missing openssl so it's not realistic to require it, hopefully in a year or two when 5.3 is a thing of the past we can go full-TLS.

Also note that the GitHub hooks updating packages on packagist are also using http and not https so the hooks using the default domain ( - I sent them a PR to update it to https by default) were not properly updated in the last ~24hours. I am really sorry I missed that but there is not much I can do at this point except wait until next time a hook fires and those affected packages finally get updated.

Please get in touch on github if you spot anything else out of the ordinary (except faster updates;).

And finally a quick shout-out to our sponsors, if you haven't checked Toran Proxy out yet please do so as it allows me to pay for the hardware as well as get some time off work to focus on open source without it always being unpaid leave. Many thanks to all existing Toran customers for their support!

May 03, 2015 // News, PHP

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2015-05-04 11:49:08

Tomas Votruba

Thanks for great work!

2015-05-04 15:11:33

Ryan Weaver

Thanks Jordi! I know you're busy, so to take on something like this that was a lot of work is awesome. Certainly thousands of PHP devs are benefiting :).

2015-05-04 15:33:12

Phil Sturgeon

Nicely done! Thanks for taking the time to do all of this.

After watching a talk about how insanely badly built Bundler at RailsConf I sat there smiling thinking "Composer doesn't do that.", and now I'm glad to see the DNS and web hosting speeding up to match the quality of the CLI tool.

2015-05-04 17:35:40

Austin Pray

2015-05-04 18:57:55


Thanks for this :)

2015-05-05 06:32:41

Marc Carlucci

Thank you very much!

2015-05-05 12:31:12

Luciano Mammino

Well done Jordi, great to see Composer improving this way! :)

2015-05-12 04:32:16

Johnny Peck

Well done. Your work on Composer has had a great impact on my own workflow and, quite obviously, many others.

I've often wondered how to support Composer/Packagist monetarily and have never seen a donate option. I understand Toran Proxy is the product that helps support it but in our small team I don't see us using it. Regardless, we would click any donation button presented! I'm sure we aren't the only ones!

Perhaps, given the massive audience and impact, it's time to consider creating a foundation to support the work similar to what the Typo3 community did way back around 2006 or so. Chairman Boggiano. I'd support that. In the interim, at least add a donation option!

2015-05-17 07:18:17


Packagist has been down for me for a while, FYI. I first noticed it on Thursday.


2015-05-17 09:51:12


@Hans: the problem is you are using and not and the redirect is broken but otherwise the site is fine. I'll look into that redirect issue.

2015-05-21 20:03:02


*Facepalm* Of course. I don't know why I had the .com domain bookmarked. Cheers

2015-06-11 15:48:39


For the record, now works again.