Dwoo is better than Twig

It's lame catchy title day, a more appropriate one would be "Think for yourself", but I want to get my point across.

This is a general purpose idea of course, I don't think there is any case in your life where you shouldn't think for yourself, but this particular post is about programming.

I just read someone (and I won't name names, it's not relevant) that was pondering using Dwoo or Twig in his CMS, who ended up picking Twig because, and I quote: "but twig says they're better than dwoo so ...". Now I sincerely couldn't care less if someone decides to use something else over Dwoo - which I'm working on in case you wouldn't know. It's your own choice, and even I wouldn't say Dwoo is the best choice for every damned purpose out there.

What bothers me though, is that obviously the guy read Fabien Potencier's article about php template engines, which was obviously not so much of an objective post, but that has already been discussed so let's not go to deep into it. Anyway, the guy most likely read it, and all it says about Dwoo to dismiss it is "Unfortunately, Dwoo has no sandbox feature and its core is not flexible enough". So.. out of this most enlightening comment, you decide to trust Fabien and just assume Twig is better? I just don't get it.

So again, please, just think for yourself.

December 08, 2009 // PHP

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2009-12-08 11:53:28


For PHP I just love Dwoo!


2009-12-08 13:02:45


But that involves effort, surely!

On a more serious note, the link to Twig points to the wrong place - it's the .org, not the .com :)

2009-12-08 13:11:28


Geoff: Crap, my bad, but it's fixed thank you.

2009-12-13 17:30:41



2010-08-23 12:56:11


I understand that you want to encourage people to think and decide for themselves. But I would have appreciated if you would have given a handful of arguments for and against both systems. Just to point out your own opinion.

2010-08-23 16:21:53


@Moritz: I am obviously as biased as Fabien, having written Dwoo. But for what it's worth I think both are great libraries, and it may just come down to syntaxical preferences which one you like best.

2011-01-14 17:20:32


take a look to this benchmark, hope they will add Twig too

2011-03-02 14:25:23


numbers talk, Dwoo is faster than Twig

2011-09-26 03:46:45

Alexander Stepanets

'Dwoo is better'... 'Dwoo is faster'...

I've used Dwoo some times ago, but... There are no new version since February 7, 2010. Dwoo is dead?

I'm personaly going to switch to Twig...

2011-09-26 13:52:18


Please do :) There have been regular fixes/patches committed to trunk, but no release indeed. The main reason is I was busy working on Symfony2, and Twig a bit too. I don't use Dwoo anymore, and since nobody seems willing to pick up the torch, it's slowly fading into oblivion.

2013-11-22 23:19:44


@Seldaek, If I have an application written using Dwoo, would it be so difficult to migrate it to Twig?


2013-11-23 09:51:42


@Moises: Yes and no. The templates are not compatible so you would have to change a lot probably. Note that someone is now working on a Dwoo2 lib, you may want to look at that if rewriting all templates is too much work. Check https://github.com/emulienfou/dwoo2

2013-12-09 06:02:44


@Seldaek, thanks for this information. I'll have a look at it.