Dwoo v1.0 is out

Jordi Boggiano • October 24, 2008


Now that Dwoo's user base has grown a bit and that I've received enough feedback and fixed quite a bunch of bugs and design flaws, I feel confident it's time to go stable, so here comes Dwoo v1.0.0

For those that missed it, Dwoo is a template engine compatible with Smarty templates, with a lot of new features and syntax sugar and a new PHP5 codebase, if you want to read more I suggest you have a look at my earlier post, and its website.

The 1.0 version also comes with a new license, it's now licensed under the modified (3-clause) BSD license, which is a tad more permissive than the previous LGPL and also GPL compatible, so no worries.

I would like to thank all users and occasional contributors for their help so far and while I am at it I also wanted to attract your attention to the users page of the wiki, because well it's both interesting and rewarding to see if/where/how people use your project or if I'm doing it all for nothing. The documentation could still use some love too so if it's your thing or if you just have too much free time let me know - or start editing by yourself, it's a wiki after all.

On that note I will be at the IPC next tuesday and wednesday if you want to say hi; and I also accept free beers ;)

As for future development, a lot of features are on the todo list, and I will soon try to take the time and setup a bug tracker (thinking about using redmine at the moment since I'm tired of trac, but I'm open to suggestions) so I can make that list public with milestones and all.

A new 1.0 branch is available in svn (svn://dwoo.org/dwoo/branches/1.0) for your svn:externals needs, this should be a bugfix only branch from now on, while trunk becomes 1.1 and its stability will not be guaranteed :)

Okay this post sounds messy enough to me, I think it's about time I end it, thank you for your attention.