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As part of my work on my CMS (and website as this site is running on it), I decided to code a RSS feed builder. This could easily be made as a standalone class so I thought I would share it.

The package is made of two files, one being the feed and the other one representing an item (i.e. an article). It works nicely as you can see from all the feeds I set up in here, and it supports the RSS2.0 standard entirely.

December 18, 2007 // News, PHP

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2008-04-01 00:20:16


the "share it" link goes to a login form with the title - admin panel. Is this intentional?


 - Peter 

2008-04-01 04:08:46


Not at all, it was a mistake, however it could be found in the Code section of the site, but I fixed the link thank you.