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Jordi Boggiano

Jordi Boggiano Passionate web developer, specialized in web performance and php. Partner at Nelmio, information junkie and speaker.


Symfony2 Presentation

Last weekend at the PHP Unconference in Hamburg I gave a talk showing an overview of the Symfony2 framework. The allowed 45min were way too short to say everything I wanted to say and I didn't really have time to prepare slides so it was a bit messy, apologies for that.

Yesterday I did an internal training at Liip for a team that will start a Symfony2 project soon, and spent some time building slides. This time I had two hours for the presentation so it went way better I think. And then in the afternoon everyone built a small ultra-basic blog application to get their hands dirty a bit.

So for those that attended the talk in Hamburg and want to see a bit more, or just anyone interested in the current state of Symfony2, I put the slides online (use the arrows to move). Note that they will most likely not be up to date anymore in a few weeks/months given that the framework is still ongoing heavy development.

September 29, 2010 // PHP

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2010-09-29 12:11:09

Hugo Hamon

Thanks for sharing ;)

I will give a talk about Symfony2 on Saturday, October the 9th in Paris at the OSDC.
Entrance is free for all.

2010-09-29 18:20:44

Wildan Maulana

Can you give the PDF version of the slide ?


2010-09-29 18:33:49


@Wildan: Sadly I can't really generate a PDF out of those weby slides, but they'll remain online as long as I can, and you can also just save the HTML page and open it locally as long as you save the css and js files along, it'll mostly work.