Upcoming Conferences

Here is a short update on the conferences I will attend in the coming months, in case you want to meet or if you are just looking for a good one to attend:

Next month I am very happy to have the chance to visit Tunisia for the first time and go speak about Composer at the Symfony Tunisia event. It will also be the first time I give a talk in French, which freaks me out a bit since I am so used to speaking about technical matters in English. You can therefore expect a bastardized language known as Frenglish.

Right after that is the first SymfonyCon happening in Europe, which will be in Warsaw, Poland. And I hear it is almost sold out so in case you were thinking of going hurry up and grab a ticket now.

In January I will head back to my mother nation of Belgium (insert "while it is still a country" joke) for two events: first I will speak at PHPBenelux about web application monitoring with Heka. Then the weekend after there is FOSDEM where I hope I can also meet a few people from outside the PHP community.

November 19, 2013 // News, PHP

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2013-11-19 17:04:13

Sébastien Muller

Hope I can hear your bastarized frenglish on the web after the conf!

2013-11-19 21:05:57


Very cool! I also have the same problem going from English to Spanish. when it comes to technical terms is some times hard to find the right words. I'm sure you'll do great!

Anything interesting conferences happening in the US in the coming months that you know of?